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E M P T Y  B E D S  

Following on from the award- winning success of EMPTY BEDS (dir. Glynne Steele) at both the Edinburgh Fringe and the Arcola in 2016. Pennyworth revived the production in 2017 with a new and tour-friendly version of the original script, directed by Kate Treadell.


Debuting at the Galway Fringe, EMPTY BEDS features original cast members Julia Cranney & Carys Wright, joined by Debbie Brannan as Jo. 


Firmly rooted in Huyton, the centre of EMPTY BEDS II remains the same; sisterhood and family crisis. Funny, frank and touching, EMPTY BEDS II shares an afternoon with the Wyld Sisters, 250 miles from home and with patience that is wearing thin...



Debbie Brannan - Jo

Julia Cranney - Catherine

Carys Wright - Emily 


Director - Kate Treadell

Lighting Design- Ali Hunter

Sound Design- Simon Mattacks

Production Design - Pennyworth Productions

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Praise for Empty Beds


Superb acting ... deftly captures the dynamics

of sisterly relationships”

—Three Weeks

“★★★★ What really elevates this production, as it travels towards its gut punch of a destination, is its realistic rendering of the bundle of concern, guilt and frustration that mental illness drops like a ticking time bomb into people's lives”


“★★★★ Captivating from the very beginning ... an intense, emotional and hard-hitting piece”

—Arts Award Voice

Original Cast

Julia Cranney  - Catherine

Carys Wright  - Emily

Matilda Tucker  -  Jo

Original Creatives

Direction  -  Glynne Steele

Senior Producer - Jack Hudson

Set and Costume Design  -  Anna Reid

Lighting Design  -  Ali Hunter

Sound Design  -  Simon Mattacks

Music  -  Sean Cranney and Ian McCabe

Assistant Director/Operator  -  Jason Plessas

Photography: John Montegrande
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