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            (Spy In The Stalls)                   (View From The Gods)                  (London Theatre1)

Moments is the story of Daniel and Ava, who at first glance have nothing in common.


He's 56, she's 25. He's a talker, she's a listener. But after a series of chance (and awkward) encounters, it's starting to look like they're becoming... friends?

The second play from award-winning writer Julia Cranney, Moments is a delicate, funny and moving exploration of modern loneliness and friendship in a big city. 

Moments made its debut at The Hen and Chickens

as part of this year's Camden Fringe Festival. 



Simon Mattacks  -  Daniel

Julia Cranney  -  Ava


Richard Speir -  Director

Carys Wright  -  Design




'A quality script, beautifully delivered and charmingly

performed. This is a company that clearly takes a lot of

pride in their work and it certainly pays off –

this is new writing at its best.

A strong and safe second outing for a new company

that I would highly recommend.' (Spy In the Stalls)

'Moments gives the lonely a voice. The result is a

very relatable, moving, and humorous piece which has

just the right amount of emotion without feeling

unnecessarily sentimental' (Views From the Gods)

'Moments is a witty, one-act play which explores

loneliness in a big City... Julia Cranney’s script is sparky

and allows both actors to demonstrate excellent comic timing... An enjoyable thought-provoking play with a lovely final scene which should ensure you leave the theatre with a smile on your face' (London Theatre1)

'Julia Cranney’s new play Moments reminds us that a sudden change in circumstances can mean that even the most well-established Londoner can find themselves all alone.... Cranney captures the awkwardness of [the characters] interactions well, but gives both a sharp humour that makes the audience root for them... Moments is an enjoyably sweet, appropriately cynical and sensitive tale about two people finding much-needed solace in the big city, and it may give you hope that your next great friendship could be sitting right beside you on the bus.' (The Reviews Hub)

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