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Kate Treadell

Kate is Pennyworth's resident director.

She directed the second incarnation of 'Empty Beds', premiering at the Galway Fringe and later revived it alongside Moments in the Offie-nominated Pennyworth Double Bill.


She holds a degree in Drama from the University of Exeter and completed a Masters in Performance Making at Goldsmiths College. After graduating, Kate formed a company with her classmates and had Residencies in both the Basement in Brighton and at the BAC. They created Glasshouse, an interactive dinner party, which was performed at the Brighton Festival and BAC. After returning home to Liverpool Kate became a YEP Young Director at the Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse. Her Directing credits  include Blink  (The Everyman Young Directors’ Festival), Face in a Jar (Ticket to Write Festival, Unity Theatre, Liverpool) and Monday (On The Verge, Hope St, Liverpool). Kate was also Assistant Director on Story Giant  (The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool) 

Kate is also the mum to two girls, and her experiences of parenting in isolation during 2020 have led to the development of new project WROUGHT with Debbie and Julia

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