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Like what we do?

Any support for Pennyworth, be it big or small, is a step closer to us being able to produce more work, share more stories and bring more artists together. Contact us to talk about becoming one of our valued supporters.

Your contributions will be used to:

Employ artists and pay them a fair wage

Roll out our 'PEN' series regionally

Take new work to the Edinburgh Fringe


"PEN is a wonderful platform for emerging talent to showcase their skills, experiment with new pieces and meet new people" - PEN participant
"PEN has honestly been such a benefit for me to develop my directing craft" - PEN participant
"It was an amazing experience" - PEN participant
"It was lovely to see so much talent in one room" - PEN participant
"Thanks so much for making last night happen...I had such a fantastic time" - PEN participant
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