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A double bill 

The Hope Theatre, Jan 30th - Feb 17th 2018

MOMENTS I EMPTY BEDS are two funny, frank and touching one-act plays which explore modern loneliness, absent family and missed connections. This Spring, Pennyworth presents them both together for the first time in two new productions by Kate Treadell.


Daniel and Ava are two strangers who at first glance have nothing in common. He's 56, she's 25. He's a talker, she's a listener. But after a series of chance (and awkward) encounters, it's starting to look like they're becoming...friends?


The Wyld sisters tend to avoid each other. Today they're stuck on a train en route to visit their brother for his birthday. In light of recent events, they're determined to show a united front. But 250 miles into the journey, patience is wearing thin...

Enjoy both Pennyworth plays in one evening at Offie award-winning The Hope Theatre, Islington.

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